This page is a place holder for your future web site.

Access to your Site Administrator

Your Site Administrator control panel is located at: This URL will require the Site Administrator username, the domain and password.

Access to your User Administrator

Your User Administrator is located at: Each individual user within your site will have access to their own administrator page by entering their username, domain, and password.

Changing your nameservers

Use the nameservers below if you need to update the nameservers listed with your domain registrar.


You don't need to worry about the above if you have asked us to complete the transfer on your behalf, or if you registered your domain with us originally.

Uploading files to your site

To upload files to your web site, use your FTP program with the following settings:

Password: your password
Directory: /var/www/html/

Your username and password were provided in the confirmation email you should have received when your site was set up.

Please contact your support team for questions regarding the setup of your site.